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Proximal radioulnar joint mobilizations

According to Dumontier are classified into type I: pure radiocarpal dislocations and type II: fractures-dislocations or associated with other injuries. We present the case of a years-old male patient, presenting a radiocarpal dislocation Dumontier II, with volar soft tissue injuries type III B Gustilo Anderson associated with an old distal osteoartrita tratamentului articulației genunchiului joint dislocation.

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Surgical treatment consisted of antibiotics combined, tetanus prophylaxis, debridement, fasciotomy, open reduction and external fixation, decompression of the median nerve and Z-plasty of cutaneous defect.

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radioulnar joint is which type of joint tratamentul artrozei articulației cotului

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radioulnar joint is which type of joint dacă articulațiile de iarbă doare

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radioulnar joint is which type of joint cu o sarcină mică  articulațiile doare

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